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Mortgage Overpayments Explained: How You Can Save Thousands By Giving Your Lender More Money Each Month

August 12, 2018 by

When you’ve finally bought your own home after years of saving a deposit, you may feel as though you’ve ‘made it’. After all, from turning down nights out and takeaways to avoiding ASOS and Missguided like the plague, you probably had to make a huge number of sacrifices to save enough to become a homeowner. There’s probably nothing more you want than to put your feet up, enjoy your new home and splash your spare cash in a way you couldn’t before.

Now that I’ve got my own place, I’ve loved spending money on wall art, fancy cushions, and different types of booze for my very own mini bar. However, having clearly become addicted to saving money over the last few years, there’s a part of me that is keen to take on a few new financially sensible challenges so that I can make my future as financially comfortable as possible.

Paying into my workplace pension is one thing I’ve felt inspired to do, but another thing I’m doing is overpaying on my mortgage.

If you have no idea what mortgage overpayments are, read on my dear pal because I’m about to break it down for you. Continue Reading