should i make her sign a prenup
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Ask Jenni: I’m Getting Married And My Parents Want My Fiancee To Sign A Prenup

Hi Jenni My girlfriend and I recently got engaged and I couldn’t be happier. There’s just one problem. My parents…


The Creative Leap: The Podcast Helping You Quit Your Job To Do Something You Love

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where is my money going
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Ask Jenni: “I Make A Decent Wage But I’m Always Broke”

“Hi Jenni I really want to save money to travel more but I never seem to have any money left at the…

inherited money
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Ask Jenni: “I Inherited £60,000 From My Grandma And My Parents Are Insisting I Buy A House”

Hi Jenni. My Grandma passed away last year and I inherited £60,000 from the sale of her house. Other family…