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Money Saving Tips For Fashion Bloggers

October 10, 2016 by
Money Saving Tips For Fashion Bloggers

As a fashion blogger, I bet you’ve lost count of the number of times people assume your life consists of glamorous A-list events and free designer clothes. Watching Zoella on Youtube and InTheFrow on Instagram, it’s easy to tell ourselves that fashion blogging is a fast-track ticket to wealth and success. But although the big timers are able to make a living from their blogs, for those just starting out, fashion blogging can be a pretty expensive hobby. If your purse is taking a battering and your bank account has become a desolate wasteland, here are my top money saving tips to keep up with the trends without screwing your finances over. Continue Reading

Thrifty Upcycling

7 Preloved Bargains That’d Make Perfect Home Mini Bars

October 9, 2016 by
Home Mini Bar

Since Jake and I moved in together, we’ve become so much more likely to drink at home than we are to go out to a bar, pub or club. For me, there’s something so much more satisfying about curling up on the sofa and enjoying a glass of whiskey than there is getting wasted in a sweaty nightclub and downing anything that’s wet. I’ve changed.

By drinking at home, we must have saved so much money. We don’t feel the need to buy new clothes all the time, we don’t have to fork out for taxis, we aren’t tempted to get a takeaway at the end of the night, and most importantly, we aren’t paying a tenner for each cocktail at the bar.

This got me thinking about how cool it would be to have our own home mini bar. Continue Reading

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How To Save Money Buying & Selling Unwanted Gift Cards With Zeek

October 1, 2016 by
How To Buy And Sell Gift Cards With Seek

Make your next shopping trip more than £5 cheaper with this clever money saving hack

Let’s be honest, we’re all familiar with that heart sinking moment when you open an envelope on your birthday and find a gift card for a shop you hate. You find yourself having to force a smile and say ‘thank you’ but deep down you’re trying to decide between one of the following:

  • Waste an afternoon trawling through the shop in question until you find something you like
  • Re-gift the card to someone else on their birthday
  • Chuck the gift card in a drawer where it will stay until it expires

Thankfully, there’s another option. Zeek is an online marketplace which allows you to buy and sell unwanted gift cards. Continue Reading


How To Get An NUS Card When You’re Not A Student

September 1, 2016 by

One of the major perks of being a student has to be the fact you can get discounts in a large number of shops, cinemas and restaurants simply by flashing an NUS card. And I must admit that when I graduated a few years ago and waved goodbye to my student discount card, I did feel a slight pang of sadness.

But to my surprise, today I found out that it’s still possible for me to get an NUS card even though I’m no longer a student. (Andy from Be Clever With Your Cash first wrote about this back in 2014) Continue Reading

Charity Shops Thrifty

5 Things You Should Buy From Charity Shops

March 6, 2016 by

Over the last year and a half, ditching the high street in favour of charity shops has played a huge role in my money saving mission. Not only have charity shop bargains helped my savings grow, it’s also allowed me to do my bit for the environment and donate money to worthy causes! Continue Reading