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How I Saved £3,000 In 6 Months… While Renting!

August 5, 2017 by
save money while renting

In May last year I moved into a rented apartment with my then-boyfriend. I’d already spent almost two years living with my parents and saving to buy a place of my own, but when his rental contract was almost up, we decided to move in together.

We weren’t in a position to buy a place together, so I decided to put my home ownership dreams on hold and rent instead. Although the relationship didn’t work out and we split up six months later, thankfully I managed to save a respectable £3,000 while living with him.

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Buying a home

A First Time Buyer’s Guide To Choosing A Mortgage Broker

August 2, 2017 by
digital mortgage broker

It’s often said that buying a house is one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life. And when you’re a first time buyer with little knowledge of the property buying process, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. With estate agents, solicitors, and surveyors to deal with, it’s only natural to feel out of your depth. One thing that can be particularly difficult when buying your first home is finding the right mortgage. Thankfully, the process can be made that little bit easier with the help of a mortgage broker.

I created this post in collaboration with online broker, Habito, so towards the end of the post I take an in-depth look at the benefits of digital mortgage brokers. Continue Reading

Ask Jenni Buying a home Debt

Ask Jenni: My Boyfriend’s Bad With Money And I’m Scared He’ll Ruin Our Chances Of Buying A House

July 29, 2017 by
boyfriend bad with money

Welcome to ‘Ask Jenni’, a new money agony aunt series where I help resolve your big financial dilemmas. Let’s have a chat with Nina, who’s growing tired of her boyfriend’s attitude to money, especially when they’re meant to be buying a house together.

Hi Jenni

My boyfriend and I have been together for five years. We’ve lived together for three years and for the last two years we’ve been talking about buying a house together. I’ve managed to save more than £10,000 during this time but he’s only saved £2,000. I earn £25,000 a year and he earns £28,000 a year, so he could easily do better than he has done. 

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Buying a home

What Are You Willing To Give Up To Buy Your First Home?

July 19, 2017 by
saving a deposit

With property prices rising a little higher as each year passes, saving a deposit has never been so difficult. If you want to buy your own place, you need to make a few sacrifices here and there. Not gonna lie, you’ll need unsubscribe from that ASOS mailing list, live off beans on toast, and decline so many nights out that your mates forget who you are.

According to a survey from My Voucher Codes, 64% of respondents would stop going on holidays to save more money for their own home, 62% would stop going to the pub and ordering takeaways, and 41% would stop paying for gym membership.

I asked some friends what they’ve given up to get on the property ladder… Continue Reading

Buying a home Money

Here’s Why We All Need To Be Money Saving Optimists

July 18, 2017 by
money saving optimist

I recently read a Huffington Post article on the importance of being optimistic when it comes to climate change.

Solitaire Townsend, founder of Futerra argues that in order to save the planet, we need to think positively rather than assuming the end of the world is nigh.

She says: “It seems that human beings have an uncanny habit of making true what we believe. Whether that’s a belief in economic crashes, our own career trajectories or global climate meltdowns.

“If we believe the worst will happen then we are subconsciously demotivated to prevent it. Whereas, if we hope for the best, then we’ll work, invest, convince others and, in preparing for victory, we’ll create it.”

“If we believe the worst will happen then we are subconsciously demotivated to prevent it.”

I think the same can be said for saving money. Not a day goes by without the internet telling us we’ll never be able to save money, buy our own homes or even retire. Look at this quote from Cosmopolitan earlier this year


cosmopolitan housing crisis quote

Don’t get me wrong, the housing crisis is bad, but when websites like Cosmopolitan are telling us to give up on our dreams of home ownership and kiss goodbye to financial security, is it any wonder why so many young people don’t bother saving for the future?

Young people are constantly bombarded with scary facts and figures that make it seem like the odds are stacked against us. We’re so often told that we’ll never be able to buy our own homes so we don’t even try. It’s not helping.

We need to be encouraged and nurtured and hugged all the way to the bank. Instead of being bombarded with tales of woe, we need to be pointed in the direction of thrifty recipes, profitable side hustles, and high interest current accounts. We need to be given more success stories showing that people – from a multitude of backgrounds – can and do buy their own homes every day.

Dya know what? Even if some of us can’t save enough to buy our own homes, saving at least something can tremendously transform our lives.

Having a healthy savings account can enable us to quit jobs that make us unhappy, travel the world, invest in education, protect ourselves from unexpected financial emergencies and retire at a reasonable age. Savings are fun and empowering and life-changing! But we don’t hear much about this side of things because the media’s too busy scaring us.

Instead of telling us how bad the situation is, tell us what we can do to fix it and how these changes can transform our lives.

I’m definitely guilty of being a little negative on this blog from time to time, so I’m determined to change my ways and be more lovely and encouraging. I’ll probably still swear a lot though.

What do you think? Are you tired of being bombarded with scary money stories or do you think these sobering stats are important? Let me know in the comments. 


Here's Why We Need To Be Money Saving Optimists