Labour’s Manifesto: Here’s How The Labour Party Plans To Change Your Life

May 11, 2017 by
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This morning, Labour’s 2017 general election manifesto was allegedly ‘leaked’ to the press, making Labour supporters like me practically keel over with excitement.

As one guy on Twitter pointed out, even if Labour only managed to do half the things in its manifesto, the country would be a much better (and fairer) place than it is now.

I’ll run through some of the key takeaways from what the press claims to be Labour’s new manifesto:


The NHS will be funded with an extra £6 billion a year, raised from taxing the nation’s highest earners

Millions of people will be taken off lengthy waiting lists and will receive the care they need faster.

There’ll be more support for overstretched ambulance and GP services.

A plan will be introduced to support those with autism.

NHS privatisation will be “reversed” and the NHS and Social Care Act 2012 will be repealed.

£8 billion will be spent on social care over a period of five years. Carers will receive the support they so desperately need.

£250 million will be spent on improving children’s health each year.

Workers’ rights

All workers will be given the right to union representation.

Redundancy laws will be toughened to protect workers.

Self-employed workers will be given more support when working for businesses.

Paternity leave will be doubled to four weeks and paternity pay will be increased.

A consultation will assess the introduction of statutory bereavement leave for workers who lose a close relative.


100,000 council and housing assocation houses will be constructed each year.

The practice of selling off council houses will be suspended.

4,000 new homes will be build for people with a history of rough sleeping, as part of a plan to tackle homelessness.

Rent hikes will be capped at inflation to protect renters from extortionate costs.

Renters will also receive more secure three-year tenancies.


The pension triple lock, free bus passes and the winter fuel allowance will all be protected.

The state pension will either rise by at least 2.5% each year or be increased to keep pace with inflation or earnings.

Labour also aim to end the WASPI injustice that saw women born in the 1950s lose out after their state pension age was increased.

The Tory’s plans to increase the state pension age will be reviewed.

A new “flexible” retirement age will be considered.


University tuition fees will be abolished and maintenance grants will be re-introduced for students.

Labour will set up a National Education Service (like they did with the NHS).

All primary school children in England will get free school meals paid for.

A system will be introduced to provide many parents with free child care.

The cap on teachers’ pay will be lifted and schools will have greater control of the national curriculum.


10,000 extra police officers will, 1,000 extra border guards and 3,000 extra prison officers will be recruited.

Despite Jeremy Corbyn’s personal aversion to nuclear weapons, Labour will continue with the Trident nuclear defence programme. Corbyn has made it clear that he’s reluctant to ever use such a devastating weapon.

Labour will spend 2% of Britain’s wealth on defence.


Labour pledges to control immigration in a way that boosts the economy.

Currently, British citizens cannot bring their spouses from outside Europe into the country if they earn less than £18,600 a year- Labour plans to scrap this rule.

This minimum income threshold will be lowered and replaced with a new obligation to live in Britain without relying on public funds or benefits.

Public ownership

Railways will be brought back into public ownership.

Labour will look for municipally-owned bus companies to be set up across the country.

The Royal Mail will be re-nationalised.


Over the coming weeks, I’ll be singing Labour’s praises as much as possible. Although I respect everyone’s right to vote for the party they believe best suits their needs, I honestly think that Labour is the only leading party that can actually do some good for this country. I also love the Green party but let’s be realistic, they’re not going to get the votes they need to lead.

Here are a few tweets that sum up why I’ll be supporting Labour on the 8th June:

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  • Toni – Mr Lender

    Love this post – just sums up everything which is great about the Labour manifesto. I’ve been checking the stats on YouGov every day, just praying that the gap closes and Labour take the lead!

  • Differentli

    This is an incredible manifesto! I for one would be proud to live in this future Britain!