34 Signs You’re Not As Bad With Money As You Think You Are

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Last week I spotted The Financial Diet’s brilliant post 29 Signs You’re Better With Money Than You Think and although I agreed with many of Chelsea’s points, I’ve decided to put my own spin on it.

Since creating the Money Mess To Financial Success Facebook group, I’ve spent a lot of time chatting to people who are convinced they’re shit with money. However, although some people have certainly made their fair share of money blunders (haven’t we all), I bet they’ve also had some financial triumphs too.

Here’s my list of 34 signs you’re not as bad with money as you think you are. How many do you tick off the list?

1 . You have a good idea how much money you have in your bank account(s).

2. You know how much debt you have and you’re working hard to pay it off.

3. You pay your bills on time and in full.

4. It’s been a long time since you experienced that horrible sinking feeling when your card gets declined at the checkout.

5. You use at least one money app to track or control your spending.

6. You regularly look through your accounts to ensure your money isn’t being spent on things you weren’t aware of.

7. You understand how Help to Buy ISAs and Lifetime ISAs work and you know whether or not they’re suitable for you.

8. You often arrange nights in with your friends so you can catch up without spending a full day’s wages on cocktails.

9. You use a current account with a rewarding interest rate and you’re happy to switch/open additional accounts where appropriate.

10. You feel comfortable saying ‘no’ to social events that you don’t want to attend.

11. You’re enrolled on a workplace pension scheme or, if a workplace pension isn’t available, you have alternative retirement arrangements in place.

12. You can cook and you have an arsenal of go-to thrifty recipes to hand.

13. You plan your meals before you shop and cook in bulk regularly.

14. You take your own lunches into work each day rather than eating out – but you sure as hell aren’t going to beat yourself up about the occasional Deliveroo with your workmates.

15. You’ve weighed up every method of transport and you’ve selected the option that is most cost effective for your situation.

16. You understand the importance of an emergency fund. If you don’t already have one, you’re working on building it up.

17. You know what a Fuck Off Fund is. If you don’t already have one, you’re planning to build one up as soon as you have an emergency fund.

18. You’re happy to shop secondhand from time to time rather than buying everything new.

19. You only upgrade your gadgets and devices when there’s no life left in them.

20. You’re either in a job that pays you what you deserve or you’re working towards getting one.

21. You’re willing to cancel memberships and subscriptions you don’t use, whether it’s Netflix, Spotify or the gym.

22. You’ve investigated ways to make extra money outside of work and have embraced the options most appropriate and profitable for you.

23. You refuse to let other people take advantage of you in a way that negatively impacts your financial situation. Obviously, you shouldn’t really be letting people take advantage of you at all, but let’s just focus on money right now.

24. You’ve researched the pros & cons of both buying and renting, and you know which option is best for you.

25. You’re willing to haggle for a better deal and switch to other providers when you find a better offer elsewhere.

26. You regularly invest in yourself by listening to podcasts, reading books or taking online courses.

27. You understand the role investing plays in building wealth and you’re willing to weigh up your investment options once you have an emergency fund and substantial savings in place.

28. You’re willing to put large and unnecessary purchases on hold until you’re in a position to pay in full.

29. You understand what The Latte Factor is and you’re aware how the cost of small purchases can soon add up. However…

30. You also understand the importance of spending money on things you enjoy. If you love getting a Costa coffee every day and you can afford to maintain this habit, you aren’t going to deprive yourself.

31. Most of the clothes you buy are items that you will either cherish for years to come or wear until they fall apart.

32. You’re a member of the Money Mess To Financial Success community.

33. You’ve identified what matters most to you in life and you’re working towards achieving your goals.

34. You know that no one cares as much about your finances as you do. You’re the only one who can make things better!


How many things did you tick off the list? Don’t worry if you haven’t mastered them all; even I have some work to do! Pop over to the Money Mess To Financial Success Facebook group to let the rest of the gang know how you got on & discuss ways to master your money. Alternatively, you can tweet me @CantSwingACat.


34 Signs You're Not As Bad With Money As You Think You Are





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  • Love this Jenni! It’s always nice to let people know they are doing a great job 🙂