How To Go From Being A Money Mess To A Financial Success

January 30, 2017 by

Are you tired of living pay cheque to pay cheque and having too much month left over at the end of the money?

Are you desperate to buy a home of your own but the idea of saving a deposit fills you with dread?

Do you hate your job but you know you can’t quit because you’d be unable to pay your bills?

Do you find yourself spending money on things that deep down, you know you don’t really need, but you just can’t help yourself?

Are you in debt and unsure where to get help?

If any of the above sound familiar, you’re in luck because I might have the solution…

Today I did something exciting and created a Facebook group to help 20 – 30 somethings transform their finances. Named Money Mess to Financial Success, the group’s designed to help my millennial followers break bad money habits, save for the future, and achieve the lives they want.

How To Go From Being A Money Mess To A Financial Success


Of course, Can’t Swing a Cat already has its own Facebook page, but having a group is going to be 10 times better. Here’s why:

You’ll get regular words of encouragement from me.

You’ll get to see posts from other ‘money messes’ and ‘financial successes’.

You’ll be able to ask the rest of the group for their money tips.

You’ll be able to discuss your finances freely with like-minded people.

You’ll be able to share your goals and chat to people who will hold you accountable.

You’ll gain fast access to exclusive offers, competitions and money saving tricks.

You’ll get full control over the number of notifications you get.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Money Mess To Financial Success group now!

Once you’ve joined the group, you’re likely to get a notification every time myself of another group member posts to the group. I’d absolutely love for you to embrace these notifications. It’s the most effective way to get the most out of the group and really transform your outlook on money. Think of these notifications as mini pep talks throughout the day and regular words of encouragement. By receiving notifications, you’ll also be able to keep up to date with the latest money tips and exclusive offers as soon as they’re posted. The group’s primary purpose is to enable us to all work together to improve our finances and live more fulfilling lives, so by staying up to date, we’ll be able to work as a team!

However, I also appreciate that Facebook notifications can be pretty distracting, particularly if you’ve got a short attention span like me and…oh there’s a pretty bird outside!

So, if somewhere down the line you decide you’d rather receive less notifications, you don’t need to leave the group. Instead, you can change your settings. You should still see posts in your timeline, but you won’t get that little nudge whenever someone posts something. As the image below shows, you can choose from 4 notification options:

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