Are You Too Broke To Break Up?

January 7, 2017 by

This morning I read an article on The Financial Diet called ‘I’m Staying In My Relationship Because I Can’t Afford To Leave‘ and it made me think about the role ‘Fuck Off Funds’ can play in love. In the post, a woman talks about how she’s fallen out of love with her boyfriend but is keeping it a secret because she’d be worse off financially if she was single. Her boyfriend, who is still madly in love with her, has no idea that she no longer feels the same.

As cruel as the writer may sound, hers is a situation that lots of people find themselves in. In some cases, people stay in mutually loveless relationships because they both know they’d struggle for money alone. I think the whole thing is really depressing.

Staying in an unfulfilling relationship is never going to end well and it’s unfair on everyone involved. If you’re unhappy with your partner, you owe it to yourself to end the relationship and find love and happiness elsewhere. You also owe it to them. Finding out the person you love has been bottling up their feelings in order to avoid disruption and change is utterly soul destroying.

This is why every single one of us should strive to save our own Fuck Off Fund. Even if you’re currently single or madly in love, you should still be saving your own escape fund just in case you need to leave a loveless relationship in the future.

Not only is it wise to save your own Fuck Off Fund, I honestly believe you should encourage your partner to save one too. I hate the thought of someone staying with me for monetary reasons alone, so if a future boyfriend doesn’t already have a saving account filled with ‘Fuck Off Money’ when we first get together, he sure as hell better start saving one when he’s with me. Not only so he can leave if he gets fed up with me, but also so I can end the relationship if I want to, without worrying about making things difficult for him.

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Are You Too Broke To Break Up



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