Don’t Tell Me To Watch My Language When We Have So Much To Swear About

October 7, 2016 by
Millennial Problems

Since I started blogging, one of the most common criticisms I’ve received of my blog is that I swear too much. Okay, much of this criticism comes from my Mum, but still.

The other day she said to me: “Oh Jenni, I love your blog but I do wish you’d stop swearing. It’s just not nice. Your work will never be published!”

I had to point out that my blog’s already published…that’s why she can read it.

Mum isn’t the only person who is offended by my strong language. In the last couple of years, after plenty of feedback from both people I know and people I don’t, I’ve often contemplated going back through all my blog posts and removing every bad word I come across.

I mean, I don’t want to offend anyone. I hate it when people go out of their way to cause offence and I cringe when people use phrases like: “Offence cannot be given, only taken” to justify sharing their outdated and harmful opinions. Most of the time, I think people should just be nice to each other and avoid causing unnecessary upset. I just want us all to get along! Is that too much to ask?!

But, as hypocritical is this might make me sound, the swearing is here to stay.


I love the fact that people of all ages read this blog, but it’s ultimately a blog created with 20-somethings in mind. And guess what? The vast majority of people my age really couldn’t give two shits about the occasional ‘fuck’ or ‘bugger’. Most of my readers are probably reading this and wondering why I’m overthinking this so much.

There are so many reasons I swear on this blog. I like to write how I speak (Debra Morgan is my hero). I want this blog to be a place for real life stories and authentic opinions rather than a place to store bland articles that you can find anywhere. I like to inject a bit of personality and energy in my posts and, while I can express myself without swearing, swearing lets me express myself even better. It just comes so natural to me. Besides, they’re just words, at the end of the day!

I don’t want to be a personal finance expert and I don’t want to be ‘professional’ – I’d like to think my swearing makes that pretty clear ;).  If you want swear-free and sophisticated money advice, head over to Martin Lewis. But if you want uncensored accounts of other people’s real life experiences with money, you’re in the right place! That sentence makes this blog sound really exciting but really it’s just me talking about charity shops and not spending money with the odd ‘shit’ thrown in.

Ultimately, the main reason I swear on this blog is because I think young people today have a lot to swear about. Sure, some people might find my language offensive but here’s a list of all the things I find offensive:

  • This country’s sky high property prices combined with unrealistic rental costs and bad landlords
  • The idea that millennials are ‘entitled’ for wanting to live in properties that are affordable and free from mice and mould
  • The cost of university combined with graduate unemployment and low starting salaries
  • Wages that have failed to rise to coincide with the cost of living, forcing many people to turn to credit cards and pay day loans
  • The current state of the NHS, Jeremy Hunt’s astounding incompetence, and people like Kirstie Allsopp who believe the NHS would be fine if it wasn’t for those who eat sandwiches and croissants for breakfast
  • The lack of funding for mental health services and the stigma that surrounds mental health issues in general
  • The way our government treats foreign doctors who for many years have saved countless lives
  • The way our country blames all our problems on immigrants, many of whom bring incredible value to this country and boost our economy in the process
  • Right-wing tabloid media bias along with the idiots who think that what they read in The Daily Mail is fact
  • People who only care about the homeless when they can use them as an excuse to not accept Syrian refugees into this country
  • The pay gap which still exists and is detrimental to both men and women
  • The way ‘toxic masculinity’ is fobbed off as a feminist buzzword when in reality it harms men too (suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45)
  • The normalisation of sexual harassment and the depressing idea that women are expected to deal with it
  • Rape statistics and the suggestion that women who drink or wear revealing clothes are ‘asking for it’
  • People who are more concerned about the wellbeing of fetuses than they are about the wellbeing of living, breathing women
  • People who say that swearing is a sign of limited intelligence and a poor vocabulary




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  • The Unpretty Vegan

    OMG, this ^^ fuck yes!

  • I completely agree. People who say that swearing is a sign of limited intelligence and a poor vocabulary are terrible. I have an excellent vocabulary, which is how come I know that swear words are the most appropriate!

    • Exactly! Sometimes you just need a swear word to really put your message across

  • Jenni Murdison

    Bloody good post ???? love Jenni x