How To Get An NUS Card When You’re Not A Student

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One of the major perks of being a student has to be the fact you can get discounts in a large number of shops, cinemas and restaurants simply by flashing an NUS card. And I must admit that when I graduated a few years ago and waved goodbye to my student discount card, I did feel a slight pang of sadness.

But to my surprise, today I found out that it’s still possible for me to get an NUS card even though I’m no longer a student. (Andy from Be Clever With Your Cash first wrote about this back in 2014)

And you can get an NUS card too – even if you’ve never been a university student in your life!

Let me explain…

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How can I get an NUS card even though I’m not a student?

To get your hands on this fancy student discount card and unlock countless deals and offers, you technically do have to become a student, but not in the way that you think.

e-Careers is an online learning platform that provides more than 600 online courses to more than 350,000 ‘students’. By purchasing a course through e-Careers, you can gain access to your very own NUS card.

Although a course through e-Careers is certainly a lot cheaper than a £9,000 a year university degree, many of these courses do cost around £200 each. So there’s no point leaping straight in and buying the first one you find. After all, that’s eating into your profits!

Thankfully, there are ways to access such courses for a much lower price…

How do I save money on an e-Careers course?

You can often find huge discounts for e-Careers courses on voucher code websites such as Wowcher, Groupon, or GoGroopie. At the time of writing (1st September 2016) here are a handful of options:

Emergency First Aid Course. £15 ( was £100)

Google Analytics Training Course. £19 (was £199)

Online Driver Theory and Awareness Training. £19 (was £200)

CV, Interview and Cover Letter Course. £12 (was £120)

Landscape and Garden Design Course. £19 (was £199)

Balloon Modelling Course. £14 (was £200)

Linguaphone Online Language Course. £9.99 (was £100)

Although some courses are cheaper than others, if you really want to get your money’s worth, I’d advise choosing a course you’d actually use. Sure, balloon modelling might only be £14, but unless you want to become a clown or impress kids at parties, how much use will that get you really?

Before signing up for a course though a voucher code website, please remember to double check it’s an e-Careers course. If you purchase a course from a different course provider there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get your NUS card!

So talk me through the process step by step…

  • Search ‘e careers discount code‘ or ‘e careers vouchers‘ or ‘e careers coupon‘  on Google until you find a course for you
  • Purchase that course through the deals website in question at the discounted price
  • Once you’ve made the payment, you should be given instruction on what to do next. You’ll probably be told to go to the e-Careers website to activate your discount and access your course
  • Head over to the NUS website to purchase your card. When it asks for your university’s name, type in ‘ecareers’ (without the dash)
  • You’ll then have to enter a few details and pay for the card
  • The card will be sent to you in the post and you’ll have access to tons of student discounts!

Where can I use an NUS student card?

Your NUS card can be used at hundreds of shops, restaurants and cinemas. Here are just a handful of examples:

  • 20% off at Pizza Hut, Giraffe, Frankie and Benny’s
  • 40% off at Pizza Express
  • 25% off student tickets at Odeon
  • 20% off Virgin Experience Days
  • 20% off at Missguided
  • 10% off at Warehouse
  • Up to 47% off wristbands at Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Up to 54% off at Thorpe Park

How much does an NUS card cost?

NUS cards aren’t free, but providing you use your card regularly (and only on things that you need!) you’ll soon cover the cost of the card through discounts.

At the time of writing…

  •  A standard NUS Extra card currently costs £12
  • An NUS/ISIC card costs £14.99

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How To Get An NUS Card - Even If Youre Not A Student

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