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My Latest Charity Shop Finds

January 24, 2015 by

Every now and then I love nothing more than venturing out on a lone charity shop rummage, in search of clothes and decor pieces for myself, and second hand gifts for others. Since I’m on Second Hand Valentine’s Day mission at the moment, I’ve stepped up my game a little and have began to pop into every charity shop that I pass in search of the perfect gift for my boyfriend, Jake. But on this particular trip, it was all about me!

I fell for this gorgeous flowery Henry Holland dress as soon as I saw it. But when I tried it on I noticed there was a hole in the centre of the chest, and I was pretty doubtful that I’d be able to fix it myself, so I decided to leave it for a fellow charity shop lover with much better sewing skills than I have!

I love how versatile and almost laid back the dress below looks, but one thing that I was disappointed about was the length. It’s very long, but as it just reaches my ankles it’s not long enough to be classed as a maxi dress. I was about to hang it up for someone else until I realised that if I keep putting gorgeous dresses back on the rail simply because they need alterations, I’m going to miss out on a hell of a lot of bargains. So after giving my Mum a quick ring to check she’s willing to teach me how to hem a dress, I took it over to the till and happily parted with my cash.

I also bought this dress too. You know you’re onto a winner when one dress in particular jumps out at your from a rail of clothes, and this one did just that. Again, it’s a little too long for me and so it’s going to need a little bit of work, but watch this space and I’ll post an update with my first attempts at hemming very soon!


Have you picked up any gorgeous charity shop or vintage finds lately? Let me know in the comments and if you have pictures, feel free to share a link!

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  • That Henry Holland dress is just perfection! <3

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  • I don’t usually shop at thrift stores because I like to try on different sizes and colours. That being said, I’m trying to give it another shot this year and should be going in the next week or two. I’d definitely love to be able to alter my off the rack clothes!

    • Hi Emily. I can see what you mean, it really annoyed me the other day when I spotted nice dresses that were too small for me. Frustrating knowing that I won’t be able to find them anywhere else. Let me know how you get on when you eventually get round to popping into a thrift store or two 🙂

  • I love the first dress it’s so bold and pretty. I’m into retro cartoons and my Bloke has found me a Danger Mouse tee and one with the original comic book Joker. I’m so chuffed! I often get that with dresses – too short for a maxi but too long for a midi!? My Mum is short so she’s gotten good at hemming :0D

    • Thanks! It’s great when you find something random and unique that’s perfect for you, isn’t it? To be honest it’s a good job my mum has a bit of hemming knowledge cos I’m absolutely clueless! May as well start learning now though and I’ll be able to snap up more things I like